Ethnic Brooklyn Part 1

Walk through Brooklyn’s Chinatown, Boro Park, Bensonhurst; discover the Cantonese Asian community, a center of Hasidic Judiasm, the remaining Italian business on 18 Avenue, and the busy commercial strip of 86 St ...



Sunset Park / 8 Avenue Chinatown

  • NY area contains the largest ethnic Chinese population outside of Asia
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and its repeal in 1968
  • Flushing the largest and fastest growing Chinatown
  • Fujian Province, "Little Fuzhou" - speak Cantonese
  • Expansion of Asian population into other Brooklyn mini-Chinatowns in Bensonhurst and Gravesend areas


Borough Park and the Hasidic Jewish community (take B11 Bus)

  • NY area contains the largest ethnic Chinese population outside of Asia
  • Transition from a mixed and secular and orthodox Jewish neighborhood to a center of Hasidic culture; what is the Hasidic movement all about?
  • Rapid growth and high birth rates, and how it has affected expansion, property values, zoning, and the mix of public and private yeshiva education
  • Bobov Hasidic culture and its comparison to the Lubavitch in Crown Heights and Satmar in Williamsburgh
  • Staggered terraces on aparment buildings for the holiday season of Sukkos
  • Visit Eichler’s, a famous Judaica store, and other local kosher pizza and food stores


Bensonhurst (D train to 71 St, then use free B8 transfer if necessary)

  • Formerly a center of Italian culture, some still remains
  • More multi-ethnic than ever, Asian population still grows
  • 17 century New Utrecht Reformed Church and the Liberty Pole
  • The iconic “el” in the media - Saturday Night Fever, Welcome Back Kotter, the French Connection chase scene to name a few
  • The ‘bazaar’-style stores on 86 St near 23 Avenue




NOTE: On this walk please bring a METROCARD, either an unlimited ride pass or with at least THREE FARES since we will be using the bus (B11) and subway (D) intermittently.    After the walk, enjoy on your own a lunch in many of the Asian restaurants on 86 St, continue on the subway to Coney Island, or return to 8 Avenue Chinatown.    Possibly continue down 86 St to L&B Spumoni Gardens as well !





























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