Kid’s walk in Midtown

Kids often see the most iconic features of Manhattan on television.   Why not walk past them in person and understand a little more about them?  Learn about the Empire State Building, Times Square, Library lions, Chrysler Building, and Grand Central Terminal ....


NOTE: if this tour scheduled on request for a school or private group, it can be customized in any desired way to cover particular areas of the city



34th Street retail district


  • Macy’s, “The World’s Largest Store”, and the holdout in Herald Square
  • How all those stores got there!


Empire State Building


  • Why did such a tall building get built so many years ago?
  • Why was at that location before it got built?


Times Square history


  • Longacre Square and the New York Times
  • How all those lights got there!


New York Public Library 'lions' and Bryant Park


  • Do those lions have names? (they do)
  • What was at that location before the library and the park?


Chrysler Building


  • Why does it look a little like the Empire State Building?


Grand Central Terminal


  • Is it a “terminal” or a “station”?
  • Why are the stars on the ceiling backwards?
  • Why were there more trains stopping there many years ago?
  • Why did the building almost get demolished?
  • See the “whispering gallery



At the end of the walk, have lunch at one of the many eateries in the area or visit the food court in the lower level of Grand Central Terminal
















Google maps - approximate route ...





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Ken Thomas [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Eric Kilby [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons