Cultural Retrospective - the 4 Iowa class battleships


In reviewing some old photos the other day, I can conclusively say I have visited all 4 of the Iowa clas battleships (    These 4 mostly identical battleships were constructed just prior to and during WW II.    They were deactivated and reactivated several times until the 1990's.   All 4 still exist for museum purposes.




1. Left - USS Iowa (BB-61), Staten Island, NY - 1991 (with my father)

2. Right - USS Wisconsin (BB-64), Norfolk, VA - Sept. 2001 (a few days before 9/11)




3. USS New Jersey (BB-62) - Camden, NJ - 2002




4. USS Missouri (BB-63) - - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 2005


          This deck of this ship was the location of the WW II Japanese formal surrender to Gen. MacArthur in September 1945.




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