This weekend's cultural activities ...


The Empty Musuem 2004-04-05

Queen Mary 2 at 6am this morning 2004-04-22

Coney Island sideshow 2004-05-24

Tunnels to Towers walk/run Sunday morning 2004-09-21

South Street Seaport behind the scenes 2004-10-21

Subway centennial 2004-10-25

Gilbert Stuart Exhibition at the Met 2004-10-26

Museum of Modern Art – MOMA 2004-11-29

MOMA part 2   2004-12-08

Isamu Noguchi scultpure gallery and Hall of Science    2004-12-20

Mummer's Parade - Broad St, Philadelphia New Years Day 2005-01-01

Skyscraper Musuem - Battery Park  2005-01-03

"The Gates" in Central Park (Christo and Jean-Claude) 2005-02-14

An afternoon in the Bronx (Botanical Garden and Italian Market)  2005-02-28

An afternoon in the Bronx (Botanical Garden and Italian Market)  2005-02-28

Brooklyn Historical Society - Exhibit on 40th anniversary of Verrazano Narrows Bridge 2005-03-07

Brooklyn Museum - Photo exhibit on Marilyn Monroe  2005-03-07

Auto Show - Javits Center  2005-04-04

The Nomadic Museum  2005-04-11

Boston off the beaten path   2005-05-02

A walk around (really ‘around’) Manhattan  2005-05-08

New York Aquarium  2005-05-16

A walk from Staten Island to Jersey City via Bayonne Bridge  2005-06-20

Central and Easter Connecticut  2005-07-04

Brookhaven National Laboratory - NOAA National Weather Service - Upton, NY (Long Island)  2005-07-10

Bronx Zoo 2005-07-10

Guggenheim museum and 'empty' sculpture  2005-07-17

Metropolitan Museum of Art  2005-07-25

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Readington, NJ   2005-08-01

Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Brookhaven National Laboratory  2005-08-24

Henry Mercer Museum - Doylestown, PA  2005-08-29

White Mountains, New Hampshire  2005-09-07

Atlantic Antic (Brooklyn)   2005-09-26

Open House New York  2005-10-11

Nassau County Museum of Art  2005-10-24

Philadelphia. Ladies Shoes at Lord & Taylor    2005-11-14

CANstruction  2005-11-18

Alan Alda, 92nd St. Y and the Tourneau Clock  2005-11-21

Hawaii cultural activities  2005-12-13

Charles Darwin and  Dinosaurs(Museum of Natural History)  2005-12-20

Top of GE building   2005-12-20

A mostly solemn cultural activity - Museum of Jewish Heritage (and Holocaust)  2005-12-29

New Years - Times Square and Polar Bear swim  2006-01-01

Parrots in Brooklyn and Bronx  2006-01-09

Seaport "Bodies" Exhibit  2006-01-16

South Bronx   2006-01-30

Chinatown New Year Parade  2006-02-06

Flushing and northeastern Queens  2006-02-13

Hudson River Museum, Yonkers NY  2006-02-21

An afternoon with President Clinton  2006-03-06

Times Square Shuttle Subway Platform  2006-03-07

Twilight on the Brooklyn Bridge  2006-03-08

Loew's Jersey Movie Palace in Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ  2006-03-13

Military history in NYC and the Battle of Brooklyn   2006-03-14

St.Patrick's Day Parade  2006-03-17

Intrepid museum and Concorde  2006-03-20

A Chinese wedding  2006-03-27

Grand Central Terminal – hidden areas  2006-04-03

Himalayan Art – Rubin Museum   2006-04-10

East River bridge #3 of 5 - Williamsburg Bridge   2006-04-14

Queen Mary 2 in Brooklyn, Ringwood State Park, Penn Station Eagles   2006-04-17

Weeksville, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn   2006-04-24

West Coast cultural activities - Baseball theme in San Francisco and Seattle  2006-05-12

Subway – South Ferry Construction   2006-05-15

IRT subway - historic and abandoned City Hall station   2006-05-14

History of manhole covers   2006-05-18

North Queens urban exploration   2006-05-22

Norwegian Parade  2006-05-22

Radio City Men's Room   2006-05-22

Memorial Day Cultural Activities - Fleet Week - USS Kearsage   2006-05-30

Philadelphia Phillies and Hagley Museum, Wilmington, Delaware  2006-05-30

Delaware cultural activity follow-up; 12 mile circular boundary   2006-05-31

This weekend's cultural activity - New York City Police Museum   2006-06-05

Why the Bronx is The Bronx and not just Bronx   2006-06-12

Bronx Paradise Theater Movie Palace - Fordham Road and Grand Concourse   2006-06-26

History of the Triborough Bridge  2006-06-26

Governor's Island  2006-07-05

Coney Island "Eiffel Towel" Parachute Jump Lighting Dedication  2006-07-10

The architectural diversity of Crown Heights, Brooklyn   2006-07-10

Lunchtime cultural activities on Madison Ave.  2006-07-13

Baseball in Pittsburgh   2006-08-01

Other Pittsburgh cultural activities   2006-08-02

Hoboken cultural activity - Frank Sinatra, Maxwell House coffee, how to make knots  2006-08-07

Pierpont Morgan Library   2006-08-14

Flushing Meadow Dragon Boat and NYC Panorama and 1964 World's Fair  2006-08-15

Ellis Island National Monument  2006-08-21

Historic NYC Subway Train   2006-08-22

West Point - U.S. Army Military Academy   2006-09-05

Atlantic City  2006-09-11

Bannerman Island Castle - Beacon, NY   2006-09-18

Ralph Kramden's bus  2006-09-20

Yankee Stadium cultural activity  2006-09-25

Basset Hound convention and athletic events for dogs   2006-10-03

Louis Armstrong's kitchen and vacuum cleaner   2006-10-11

Philadelphia Mutter Museum and Kimmel Center Pipe Organ Concert   2006-10-18

Subway Car Repair 101   2006-10-23

Berlin Airlift and Floyd Bennett Field   2006-10-24

Branford Electric Railway Museum   2006-11-06

Veteran's Day Cultural Activity - Trenton War Memorial and Lewis Black   2006-11-13

Southern Arizona Cultural Activities - Phoenix and Tuscon   2006-12-08

Northern Arizona Cultural Activities - Sedona and Meteor Crater   2006-12-11

Grand Canyon   2006-12-12

Las Vegas cultural activity - Atomic Testing Museum   2006-12-13

Route 66 cultural excursion in Northern Arizona   2006-12-14

Las Vegas cultural activity - Star Trek Experience; Las Vegas Hilton   2006-12-15

Las Vegas 'Culture'  2006-12-18

Glenmont - Thomas Edison estate - West Orange, NJ   2007-01-03

Jewish Museum and Superman  2007-01-09

Scranton, PA - Steamtown National Historic Site   2007-01-16

Museum of Chinese in the Americas, Chinatown   2007-01-22

Picasso exhibit at Whitney Museum  2007-01-29

Brooklyn Museum - Ron Mueck Sculpture and Ancient EgyptianArt   2007-02-05

Cultural activity while shopping - historic wooden escalators and main floor in Macy's on 34th St - 2007-02-09

Historic St. George Theater and Frank Sinatra, Jr.   2007-02-12

Robert Moses exhibit part 1 at the Museum of the City of New York  2007-02-22

Robert Moses Part 2 - Queens Museum of Art   2007-02-26

Medieval art at the Cloisters   2007-03-06

Subway car air conditioner replacement in the Bronx  2007-03-07

Robert Moses part 3 of 3 at Columbia University  2007-03-12

Rev. Ike and the Loew's 175th St. movie theater, and the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal   2007-03-19

A walk thru Middle Village, Queens   2007-04-02

A cultural weekend in Washington, Part 1   2007-04-10

Washington Cultural Activities Part 2 - Woodrow Wilson's Corn Flakes  2007-04-11

Washington Cultural Activities Part 3 - The Spy Museum   2007-04-13

Asbury Park and Ocean Grove, NJ   2007-04-17

Cherry Blossoms, Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ 2007-04-23

207 St. Subway Car Repair  2007-04-23

Central Park - Singapore, Bethesda Fountain, John Lennon  2007-04-25

Dunderberg Mountain, Harriman State Park   2007-04-30

Skylands Manor, Ringwood State Park, Ringwood, NJ   2007-05-08

Art, history, movies, and advertising in the Transit Museum  2007-05-09

Louis Comfort Tiffany and Ninth Ave. Food Festival   2007-05-21

Wall Street Run and Heart Walk  2007-05-23

Horseshoe Crab Mating Season, Sandy Hook, NJ   2007-05-30

Gold Exhibition, Museum of Natural History   2007-05-31

Memorial Day Cultural Activity - Greenwood Cemetery Concert, and parade  2007-06-01

A Tour of a Garbage Dump    2007-06-11

Bronx River, and famous Yankees at Kensico and Gates of Heaven Cemetery   2007-06-25

Irish Cultural Activities - Kimmie and I enjoying Ireland   2007-07-20

Another London cultural activity - The Charles Babbage Differential Engine and the Science Museum 2007-07-24

A Transatlantic Voyage on the Queen Mary 2   2007-07-20

Citifield construction and Shea Stadium update + tornado   2007-08-14

Old Westbury Gardens and Phipps Mansion   2007-08-16

King Tut Exhibit, Philadelphia    2007-08-20

Labor Day Cultural Activities - West Indian Parade, Yonkers Raceway  2007-09-05

Subway cultural activity- 75th Anniversary of the "A" Train   2007-09-10

Repair and dispatch a Long Island Railroad train   2007-09-18

Phil Rizzuto tribute and the new Yankee Stadium   2007-09-24

A picnic for Basset Hounds   2007-10-09

Open House New York and the tallest 4 cornered clock in the world  2007-10-11

Friday's Cultural Activity: Getting Married At City Hall in Manhattan  2007-10-15

Apples, Vanderbilts, Mohonk   2007-10-15

Long Island City, Queens   2007-11-05

Museum of Modern Art MOMA   2007-11-06

A walk through Queens cemeteries and Forest Hills  2007-11-19

Climbing down a manhole  2007-11-26

Arizona cultural activities   2007-12-19

More Arizona cultural activity - Our honeymoon at a nuclear missile silo   2007-12-19

And yet another Phoenix cultural activity - The 'Mystery' Castle   2007-12-26

More Arizona cultural activity - Our honeymoon at the US Air Force Boneyard   2007-12-20

Arizona cultural activity - Kitt Peak National Observatory and Tucson's streetlights  2007-12-20

American Museum of Natural History - Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids  2008-01-07

New Museum of Contemporary Art  2008-01-16

Cunard '3 Queens' Ship Parade and Fireworks   2008-01-17

Theater organ concert at Donald Trump's High School   2008-01-21

Lower East Side, Brooklyn, Long Island City   2008-01-28

Ground Hog Day at the Zoo at 7am   2008-02-02

Giants Super Bowl Parade – pictures   2008-02-06

Brooklyn Museum Women's Suffrage Exhibit   2008-03-04

Tuesday nite astronomical activity - Total Lunar Eclipse   2008-02-21

Jersey City Museum  2008-02-21

The Brooklyn Paramount Organ at LIU   2008-03-17

Abigail Adams Smith House + Roosevelt Island   2008-04-01

Pavonia Newport and Hamilton Park,  Jersey City   2008-04-08

Eldridge Street Project and Synagogue  2008-04-10

This weekend's 'transportational' activities and other trivia   2008-04-14

A walk thru the Lincoln Tunnel   2008-04-20

Midwest baseball activities - Busch Stadium and Wrigley Field   2008-05-07

Tennesee Cultural Activity - Jack Daniels Distillery   2008-05-08

Southern cultural activity - Grand Ole Opry and other Nashville highlights   2008-05-11

Another Midwest alcoholic activity - Anhauser Busch Brewery, St. Louis  2008-05-13

More Midwest Cultural Activities - The Architectural of Frank Lloyd Wright   2008-05-15

Old Yankee Stadium farewell & new stadium update   2008-05-26

Jones Beach Air Show   2008-05-28

The 'Transatlantic' Telescope    2008-05-30

Sunday cultural activities in Central Park; Japanese Fair and Israel Parade  2008-06-02

Shea Stadium farewell and Citifield update  2008-06-16

A nature cruise in Jamaica Bay ... by JFK Airport   2008-06-17

25th Annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island   2008-06-23

Another Saturday cultural activity in Coney Island   2008-06-29

Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ  2008-07-16

The New York City Waterfalls   2008-07-21

Martha's Vineyard "Cultural" Activities    2008-07-31

New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Beford, MA   2008-08-10

Radio City Music Hall Wurlitzer Organ Concert   2008-08-11

New York Renaissance Faire, Tuxedo NY   2008-08-21

Museum of the City of New York - Campaigning for President: NYC & the American Election   2008-09-03

Russel Wright Design Center, Garrison, NY   2008-09-11

Intrepid's return on the Hudson   2008-10-02

Saturday cultural activity - A picnic and political rally for dogs   2008-10-06

Farewell to the Queen Elizabeth 2   2008-10-16

Freedom Tower Update    2008-10-16

Open House New York cultural activity - Masonic Lodge and 'PS260' Studio  2008-10-20

Recent cultural activity: Henry Hudson Half Moon, Yonkers, NY and Wave Hill  2008-12-28

Beijing cultural activities   2008-11-23

More photos of China --- A visit to Shanghai   2008-11-30

More photos of China HONG KONG   2008-12-19

A visit to the PS1 Museum of Contemporary Art   2009-01-07

The 1880 New York Mets and a walk through Harlem    2009-01-13

Jan 17 cultural activity - Steamtown and Ice Harvesting in Scranton, PA   2009-01-19

Sports Musuem of America   2009-01-24

Museum Row: Guggenheim and Cooper-Hewitt, then Socrates Sculpture Park  2009-02-04

Museum of American Finance    2009-02-18

A very solemn cultural activity - The 9/11 World Trade Center Tribute Exhibit  2009-02-24

Valentine's Day Cultural Activity in Jersey City -- in 1931      2009-02-25

Queens Museum of Art water system relief map   2009-03-08

The educational architecture of C.B.J. Snyder   2009-03-14

Long Island Railroad electric and diesel repair   2009-03-28

Welcome to New Yankee Stadium!  2009-04-04

Historic Brooklyn Navy Yard   2009-04-05

Annual Easter Parade on 5th Avenue   2009-04-12

5K walk/run on Runway 22 Left, JFK Airport   2009-04-19


The Dirt Museum plus other SOHO stops   2009-05-01

Historic Hudson Valley sites    2009-05-02

Croton Aqueduct and Sing Sing Electric Chair   2009-05-09

The latest in movie audio technology for ‘talkies’ ... in 1927    2009-05-20

Saturday nite astronomical activity - "Manhattanhenge"   2009-06-01

Central Connecticut; Planes, Streetcars, and Clocks   2009-06-04

The opening of the High Line   2009-06-26

July 4 cultural activity;Hudson River fireworks from Weekhawken facing Manhattan  2009-07-04

Frank Lloyd Wright displaying Frank Lloyd Wright   2009-07-03

79 St Boat Basin    2009-07-03

Feast of the Giglio, Williamsburg   2009-07-12

Pittsburgh cultural activities    2009-07-22

Constitution Island across from West Point 2009-07-25

Philip Johnson Glass House, New Canaan, CT   2009-08-03

Nuclear missiles in New York Harbor    2009-08-09

Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY    2009-08-19

Woodstock 40th Anniversary Concert, Bethel, NY   2009-08-16

Mets 40th anniversary 1969 World Series Reunion   2009-08-23

Return to Intrepid Museum   2009-09-05

South Street Seaport Museum Galleries   2009-09-09

'Hidden' New York Harbor tour    2009-09-16

Return to cultural activities - Thomas Edison Laboratory, West Orange, NJ  Spring 2010

Museum of the City of NY - Cars and the Addams Family  2010-03-31

Lucy's first real 'cultural' activity --- a walk through the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Upstate trip Poughkeepsie Rail Bridge, Drive In Movie, and Kingston Trolley Museum – May 2010