Route 66 cultural excursion in Northern Arizona   2006-12-14


Route 66 was a famous highway immortalized in American pop culture in the 20th Century and was referenced in many movies, novels, etc.    It was an early attempt in the 1920's to create a motor highway to the west coast long before the Interstate Highway System was created in the 1950's.    It ultimately went from Chicago to Los Angeles.   Much of it disappeared over the years as the Interstate Highway System evolved but some portions remained in less populated areas, such as a string a towns across northern Arizona between Flagstaff and Kingman (a distance of about 175 miles) that I travelled across 2 weeks ago.    More information at


In the town of Kingman (about 90 miles south of Las Vegas), is a museum dedicated to the history of the road; more information at

Original map in the museum:



























Gas: 9.3 cents

per gallon:





















Some photos of

Kingman, Arizona










Left: Williams, Arizona

Right, Seligman Arizona - Roadkill Cafe




Seligman, AZ - Roadkill Cafe - 'You Kill It - We Grill It'



Flagstaff, AZ - a historic night club/bar - called the 'Museum Club'




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