Las Vegas 'Culture'  2006-12-18



Some final pictures from Las Vegas ....



Bellagio hotel - fountain that appeared in "Ocean's Eleven"

Flamingo hotel - the front is from Bugsy Siegel's famous hotel, as depicted in the movie 'Bugsy'






From the top of the Paris hotel :




The Strip, and New York, New York in the daytime.




The 'old' Las Vegas - downtown Fremont Street:




Venetian hotel - a quite credible reproductio of the real thing (Piazza St. Marks in Venice - middle photo).   As an aside, the tower (called the camponile), was used as a model for the water tower at Jones Beach in Long Island (right photo).





Freedom Tower - first columns placed in Ground Zero   2006-12-26


Just before the holidays the relatives of the victims of 9/11 signed the first 2 columns (the ones in white), and were dedicated in a ceremony with former Gov. Pataki.    I took these photos the day after, from the temporary bridge on Vesey St. (north side of Ground Zero) going across West St., looking south.




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