Museum of Chinese in the Americas, Chinatown 2007-01-22


A small museum in Chinatown on Mulberry St., in a former public school building at the corner of Mulberry and Bayard, used for various community activities



Their collection depicts various aspects of Chinese immigrant to North America and the transformation of Chinese culture in North American cities, primarily, but not limited to, New York City and San Francisco.


Below is a photo of some of the coleection including artifacts from:


         fraternal organizations

         ubiquitous Chinese Laundry and Restaurants (many years ago a frequent path for Chinese immigrants prior to the 1949 revolution)

         Chinese-Americans who served during WW II for the Allies

         the use of Chinese labor during the 1860's for the construction of the first Transcontinental Railroad in the Western U.S.


On a separate note, if anyone would like to visitt the 'Secret Chinatown Tunnel' (now the now the Wing Fat shopping arcade) let me know and look at



Left: printing block from a daily Chinese community newspaper. Right: I reversed the photo so you can read it !

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