Brooklyn Museum - Ron Mueck Sculpture and Ancient EgyptianArt   2007-02-05


ious about that strange ad in the subway?    Well, this was the last weekend of this exhibit.   Ron Mueck sculpts the human form in various poses, in both large and small scale (photo on right from museum web site; they were strict about no photos in the gallery).




The sculpture 'Big Man', was on the cover of this month's Discover Magazine in an article about obesity.    This sculpture, and the artist's work in general, has been compared to Rodin.   Also note that this particular sculpture shows a resemblance to Rodin's 'The Thinker'.





This museum in its permanent collection happens to have the largest collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts in the U.S., supposed the third largest in the world, behind only the British Museum in London  and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.




Left - A "cartonnage" (mummy casing)

Right - Cats were quite sacred and associated with "RE" the Sun God.





Why are the noses broken on the Sphinx and other statues?    A living statue served as eternal home for the deceased's soul.   Smashing the nose 'killed' the statue.   Also related is that serious crimes in Ancient Egypt were pushing but cutting off the culprit's nose.   Napoleon was blamed but subsequent research indicates this happened long before.



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