Robert Moses Part 2- Queens Museum of Art 2007-02-26


Robert Moses and the Modern City - The Road to Recreation


Last week at the Museum of the City of New York was Moses' involvement with roads. This one at the Queens Museum was about his role as Parks Commissioner from 1934 to 1960.


LEFT: 1934 swearing in of Robert Moses as Park Commissioner, a position he held from 1934 to 1960 - cermony conducted by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.

RIGHT: WPA poster for NYC Parks 1940 note the racial division in the poster.






Publicity photo of Robert Moses



1930's overhead view of Sara Roosevelt Park newly opened on Chrystie St., on north side of Chinatown.

LEFT: This park was named after FDR's mother. Note the 3 Ave. Elevated train over the Bowery, one block to the left of the park.

RIGHT: As depicted in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, Flushing Meadow in the 1920's was the 'valley of ashes' - and was used as a coal ash dump. The 1939 World's Fair transformed this area into a city park.




Model of building used for the 1939 World's Fair, 1946 UN Headquarters, 1964 World's Fair, and currently the Queens Museum.



1964 World's Fair



Left: NYC Panorama poster from the 1964 World's Fair

Right: Walt Disney with Robert Moses.



You may recall seeing this photo in a prior visit last July to the Panorama. The model is up to date as of 1992 so that's why you seen the WTC, and 7 WTC. 101 Barclay is in the center.



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