A walk thru Middle Village, Queens 2007-04-02


This week's activity was sponsored by 'Forgotten New York.COM' - a website and group dedicated to preservation and documention of historical infrastructure in the NYC area.


See http://www.forgotten-ny.com. This particular walk covered Middle Village Queens - see:



"Middle Village, named for its rough midpoint between the older settlements of Williamsburg and Jamaica, arose along the Williamsburg-Jamaica Turnpike (Metropolitan Avenue) built in 1814 to link the two centers of trade. It's suffered greatly from overdevelopment of late, which has cost the neighborhood some of its more historic ..





Rowhouse, as indicated,

from 1931.



















Some people playing 'bocce' - Italian lawn bowling
.Juniper Valley Park - Actually has a bit of history behind it, as a former swamp, and horse and auto race track; the property was once owned by Arnold Rothstein, the famous gangster from Murder, Inc. who forfeited the property in the 1930's in a tax dispute with New York City. The sloping hills indicate its former uses.







Former farmhouse, Furmanville Ave.























St. John's Cemetery is the burial site for a number of famous gangsters, most recently John Gotti.




The area, once heavily Jewish, has several former structures converted to other uses; the first one is a Romanian Orthodox Church


In the heart of Middle Village from the 1854 to 2005 was a famous German restaurant, Niederstein's, recently torn down in a rather major historical preservation controversy. Note historical marker, and its replacement, an Arby's !! Original photos below.



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