A cultural weekend in Washington, Part 1   2007-04-10


Everyone takes a picture in front of the White House from the fence, but across the street is Lafayette Park, a frequent site of protests of one sort or another.   This anti-nuke protest claims to have been continuously there for 26 years!




Across the street from the White House is a building known as "Blair House", which President Truman lived in for several years while the White House was being renovated in the late 1940's.



Next to the White House (Treasury Dept. building) I ran into Presidents Bush and Clinton but for some reason then had pictures clipped to their faces.



On the Capitol Mall is a new memorial to World War II, between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, next to the Reflecting Pool.



The annual cherry blossoms were a bit of a disappointment due to the cold and frost but was interesting nonethless to see what was left of them.    The original cherry trees were a gift from Japan in the early 1910's around the Tidal Basin, at that time, the future site of the Jefferson Memorial.



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