Washington Cultural Activities Part 2 - Woodrow Wilson's Corn Flakes  2007-04-11


Just off the Tidal Basin and the Cherry Blossoms is the FDR Memorial that has been in place for about the past 10 years.


This NPS ranger was discussing how President Roosevelt and his aides did everything they could to cover up his disabilitiy due to polio, given the social norms of the times.    Left - in a wheelchair.    Middle - another sculpture depicts the slumping and atrophying of his leg muscles.   Right - his dog Fala.





Woodrow Wilson House - this is in an area of Northwest Washington, mostly known today as 'Embassy Row', where many foreign diplomats have their embassies.   On the right was a leftover box of corn flakes in President Wilson's kitchen.



In front of the Sudanese embassy - protestors in regards to the tragedy occurring in the Darfur province.



We found time to attend a rather chilly game at RFK stadium.    The Nationals are only in their third season in DC, having relocated from Montreal.   This stadium was built in 1961 originally for the Washington Senators, who left in 1971 and became the Texas Ranges.   The billboard in right field lists other famous Washington players - most notably future Mets managers Gil Hodges and Frank Howard.



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