Dunderberg Mountain, Harriman State Park   2007-04-30


Yesterday we were hiking on Dunderberg Mountain, which is just south of Bear Mountain in Harriman State Park along the Hudson.   This particular mountain was intended in the 1890's, when it was still privately owned, to be the location of a giant roller coaster ... I refer you to    http://www.columbia.edu/~brennan/dunderberg/


"The Dunderberg Spiral Railway was a pleasure railroad partially constructed in 1890-1891 on a mountain near Jones Point, Rockland County, New York. It was never finished. The first part of the ride would have taken the cars up two inclined planes to the summit 900 feet above the Hudson River, where visitors could disembark to enjoy the scenery. Then the cars would have coasted by gravity down a nine-mile scenic railway, making two spirals and three switchbacks. It would have been to this day the biggest roller coaster ever constructed"


Below are photos of what relics of this still exist ...



Some areas where the right-of-way for the roller coaster railway would have been :





From various levels on the mountain, looking east across the Hudson, the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.








A scenic view looking south down the Hudson towards NYC - although not visible in the photo, it was clear enough to see some of midtown Manhattan approximately 35 miles to the south.














And I happen to have this photo of myself on the east side of the cooling tower at Indian Point, March 1970.   The photo on the right from Sunday is on the west side of the same towers, across the river.


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