Bronx River, and famous Yankees at Kensico and Gates of Heaven Cemetery   2007-06-25


Saturday's activity was a hike up the trails along the bucolic Bronx River from Hartsdale to Valhalla, NY.    Much of this trail parallels the Bronx River Parkway in the area around White Plains.   As you know the Bronx River is the only true river into NYC; the East and Hudson Rivers are tidal estuaries.



Right: small dam was part of a gunpowder factory in the Hartsdale area, about 3 miles south of White Plains.



Kensico Dam, Valhalla, NY



Kensico and Gates of Heaven Cemetery, Valhalla, NY - several famous Yankees





Colonel Jacob Ruppert was the owner of the Yankees during the 1920's and 30's ... whose family made their fortune in the brewery business.


Ed Barrow - was the manager of the Red Sox during the late 1910's, guided the Red Sox to their last World Series victory in 1918, until 2005.   He was instrumental in converting Babe Ruth from a pitcher to a position player.    In the 1920's he became the general manager of the Yankees, and stayed in the position until 1945.








Columbian Soccer Field in Red Hook, Brooklyn   2007-07-02


In the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, a formerly industrial area currently in the midst of significant gentrification is a city soccer field that has been use by various Columbian and Latin American groups over the past few years.


Next to the fields, on weekends during the summer, a community of Hispanic food vendors of various types have evolved to the point where the vendors have become more of the attraction than the soccer itself, and has become a bit of a tourist attraction.    The vendors were operating 'unofficially' for some years and after a recent effort by the health and parks departments to try to license them, a signicant protest develeped, and even Senator Schumer showed up to support the vendors .....





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