A Transatlantic Voyage on the Queen Mary 2   2007-07-20


We rode on the Queen Mary 2 from Southampton, England to NYC for 5 1/2 days across the Atlantic.   The QM2 is the first true ocean liner built in about 40 years; all other recent large ships are built mostly for slow cruising.   This ship was built with ocean crossings in mind, with greater strength and speed.   It is quite amazing how a 150,000 ton object can move across the ocean at approximately 35 mph.


Departure from Southampton, England on Thursday, July 12 - flying the Union Jack.




Someone already partying ....



Cultural Activities on the ship:


1. John Maxtone-Grahan - maratime historian who gave a number of lectures

2. Dr. Mary Cleaves - a former astronaut who also lectured

3. swing dancing in the ballroom







In the middle of the ocean ...





The British influence: many aspects of royalty on display in the ship; the customary noon ringing of the ship's bell.




What has to be one of the longest hallways on a ship ...




Arriving in New York harbor Tuesday July 18.   This much 'smaller' Staten Island Ferryboat in fact can hold more people than the QM2.   The QM2 holds about 4000 passengers and crew, while the 2 largest ferry boats can carry 6000 in the rush hour.



A stormy morning as we arrive in Red Hook, Brooklyn, across from Governor's Island.



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