Old Westbury Gardens and Phipps Mansion   2007-08-16


If you look at a map of Long Island and the Northern State Parkway, you may wonder why the road in central Nassau County takes a sudden turn to the south for a few miles, then resumes it route east.


This was due to the political influence of many wealthy people who lived on very large estates in the area now bounded by the parkway and the Long Island Expressway - it was nicknamed the 'Long Island Gold Coast'.    How the parkway was built around this area instead of going through it is well documented in the book, The Power Broker, by Robert Caro, about the life of Robert Moses.


This estate, belonging to the Phipps family who made their money in steel in partnership with Andrew Carnegie, is open to the public and has a large botanical garden area.    See this link below for photos, and click on 'View Photos' :






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