This weekend's 'transportational' activities and other trivia   2008-04-14


This first item is more of a bit of trivia about the hotel on 7 Ave.across from Penn Station, indicated by the construction shed in front. The Pennsylvania Hotel, according to, supposed has the longest continually used phone number in the U.S., 212-736-5000, or, using the old style alpha exchanges, PEnnsylvania 6-5000.    This phone number then became a big-band song by the Glenn Miller Orchestra of the same name in 1940, and was actually performed in the ballroom of the hotel.





Now from Penn Station, on Saturday a local rail historical group organized a trip on the Pascack Valley Branch of New Jersey Transit
, up to Spring Valley, NY.    This line, in use since 1856, and as a segue from last week's Jersey City walk, ran from the old Erie Terminal at today's Newport Mall up through Bergen Country and ending in Spring Valley, in Rockland County.    Recently for the first timein about 60 years this line saw a tripling in its service, and this trip rode through several interesting and quaint small towns throughout Bergen County.


Then Sunday was another Transit Museum
 fundraising tour, this if a newly opened bus depot and overhaul facility in Maspeth, Queens.    Sorry, no photos allowed inside due to security reasons.    As you can see my wife enjoyed this thoroughly.



Finally I close with another bit of local architectural trivia.    Drive down Kent Ave. in rapidly-gentrifying Williamsburg
 and you'll see these condos with the unusual pattern of terraces.    They were built for the local Chasidic and Orthodox population to accomodate a Sukkah, of which, during Sukkos the roof of the structure must face out to the sky.


As you can see, it was a busy weekend.




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