Another Midwest alcoholic activity - Anhauser Busch Brewery, St. Louis  2008-05-13


From central Tennessee we drove to St. Louis and first stop was the Anhauser Busch brewery, said to be the largest current brewery in the world.    Two things you learn from the tour is Clydesdale horses and there really is 'beechwood aging' for Budweiser are for real, and not just made up in the commercials.


The brewery has been in this location for well over 100 years and some of the historic 19th century buildings are still extant, one of which is still in use for brewing.    Also of note was some interesting exhibits in their visitors center/museum covering the history of beer, the company, and how the company survived Prohibition.   Of the latter, note that one of the most important dates in American history is April 7, 1933, the day Prohibition ended.


Remember: Spirits (like Jack Daniels) are distilled, but beer is brewed.  More photos at these 2 links:







End of Prohibition, April 7, 1933:


Some other company products during Prohibition:






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