The New York City Waterfalls   2008-07-21


You're probably have heard and seen artist Olafur Eliasson's temporary 4 part waterfall sculpture.   My photos were taken Saturday nite on a boat trip on the East River.   Much better photos can be seen on this web site:


There are 4 falls.   1 is in Manhattan (just north of the Manhattan Bridge, visible from a northbound B or D train).    2 are in Brooklyn, one of which is right under the Brooklyn tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, and is quite visible from a southbound N or Q train, or from the Seaport.    The other is in Brooklyn Heights under the Promenade, and the fourth is on Governor's Island near the Battery Tunnel vent shaft.


Brooklyn bridge falls:



Governor's Island falls (left); Fireworks near the Statue of Liberty and a Staten Island ferry boat (right)





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