Farewell to the Queen Elizabeth 2   2008-10-16


You may recall the 2004 initial entry of the Queen Mary 2 into New York for the first time, our Transatlantic cruise on the QM2 last year, the '3 Queens' (QM2, QE2 and new Queen Victoria) meeting in the harbor this past January.   Today (October 16) was the last time that the Queen Elizabeth 2, first put in service in 1967, visited New York.   Cunard has sold the ship and will be permanently docked in Dubai as a floating hotel, much like the Queen Mary 1 is docked in Long Beach, CA.


Coincidentally this is the second 'cultural activity' in the past week along the Hudson that I have photographed from Battery Park City.   Last week as you recall the Intrepid returned to its permanent home on the West Side.   Note NYFD fireboats.


More photos at: http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=12s7evvm.5mhv9bzq&x=0&y=-z3mssh&localeid=en_US



This farewell also included a rendezvous with the Queen Mary 2 near the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.    After the QE2 retires in Dubai, the Queen Mary 2 will be the sole remaining 'true' ocean liner in the world (not a cruise ship - there is a difference!).    Ocean liners are designed to cross oceans, are designed for speed, and have thick and high hulls to properly handle tall ocean waves at higher speeds.    All other current passenger ships are cruise ships that have lower hulls, are boxier, and go slower.



The dog on the left found the Queen Mary 2 interesting but the one on the right did not.




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