A walk around (really ‘around’) Manhattan  2005-05-08


You may have seen articles in Time Out New York and New York Magazine about the annual 32 mile walk around Manhattan.    I did a little more than half starting on the west side.at 42nd St and 12 Ave by the Circle Line Terminal and Intrepid where there was a press conference and proclamation from the Mayor.    Going clockwise, after about 16.3 miles my legs couldn't take anymore and ended on 96st St. and 2nd. Ave.




Riverbank State Park, 145th St & Riverside Dr .... approaching GWB


Innwood Hill Park along Harlem River, north end of Manhattan.



The northeast part of Manattan is one of the few places without waterfront access.



Round 185 st and Harlem River Drive, across from Roberto Clemente State Park in the Bronx...you'll note the wall is alot older than the highway.   It was a horse racing track built sometime in the late 19th century.



'Waterfront' Path by the salt pile by the Manhattan entrance to the Triboro bridge, approx 125 St.



East side path approx. 106 th St. – I gave up at 96th St on the East Side. 

Route map - mapquest.com says this was 16.3 miles....





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