Long Island Railroad electric and diesel repair   2009-03-28



If you travel on the Long Island Railroad, just east of Jamaica you will pass this large facility



This facility in Hillside does most maintenance, repair and overhaul for the electric cars, some of the diesel coaches, and maintains parts for the diesel locomotives.




And throughout the facility are all kinds of subdivisions that do everything from remanufacture electric motor armatures and casings, repair wheels and axles, repair air conditioning equipment (trivia: All railroad air conditioning in North America is 480 volts), and resistor grids, among other things.







Next stop: If you travel on the railroad to the Brooklyn terminal, just west of Jamaica, on the north side of the tracks, near the entrance to the tunnel, you will see the following; this (Morris Park) is one of two facilities to maintain and repair the railroad's diesel locomotives.    Also, the white structures on the left side of this picture are tanks for many tens of thousands of gallons of diesel fuel.







In this facility is one of the few operable commercially used (i.e.- non-historic or tourist) turntables still in operation in North America.

















These rather old buildings are strong enough and equipped to handle the diesel locomotives















Diesel locomotives are actually diesel-electric units.   Diesel engines actually power electric generators, not the wheels.    The generated power then goes to electric motors mounted in the wheelsets.    A few of the locomotives, as shown below, called model 'DM-30' (DM for Dual Mode), have these shoes for the third rail, so they can run into the tunnels into Penn Station.   At some point before entering the tunnel, the diesel engine shuts off and starts picking up power from the third rail, just like the regular electric passenger cards.










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