5K walk/run on Runway 22 Left, JFK Airport   2009-04-19


Here is an unusual way to do a 5K walk/run ---- on a runway at JFK Airport.


The JFK Aiport Rotary Club ( http://www.jfkrotaryclub.org - the worldwide Rotary Club is a business and professional charitable organization) for the past few years sponsors an annual fundraiser 5K walk/run early on a Sunday morning.    See http://www.jfkrunwayrun.org for details about this event.


The walk/run was held on runway 22 Left, which is the southernmost runway in the airport, closest to the Five Towns and Rockaways.


More photos at ... http://www.kodakgallery.com/edp128128/main/090419_jfk_runway_walk.


The other 2 main runways were very much in use even early Sunday.












Below: Incoming 747 --- at that time of the day you have a nice view of midtown Manhattan about 15 miles away (right center).












Corporate sponsor JetBlue parked an A320 at the halfway point.















Some added bonuses --- the race started at some of the Port Authority police and fire facilities.










Doesn't look like much but this is crushable concrete at the end of the runway that can quickly stop the wheels of a plane that has overshot the runway.






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