This weekend is was time to visit the other new stadium.    So now that it is fully complete and open, from a distance you can appreciate from the outside the attempt to use the architectural features of Ebbetts field, home of the Dodgers until 1957.




And as you can see some inspiration for the inner design of the new stadium as well, particularly in the profile of the outfield.





Saved from Shea --- the original home run apple, and the top of the scoreboard with 9/11 ribbon.




In the main lobby is the Jackie Robinson exhibit, since this stadium is the closest to the location where the events of 1947 actually happened.   Note photo of Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey in the background.




2 Zimmerman(n)s - note different spelling - in the lineup for the Nationals.   Well, I thought that was an interesting coincidence.



Another view.



You may have heard in the news about the city's attempt to redevelop the Willetts Point area immediately to the east of the stadium and condemn the existing land and relocate the junkyards and auto repair businesses.   In the meantime, it will be quite convenient to get a muffler replaced, have some auto body work done, or obtain any other salvaged auto parts all while seeing a major league game right across the street.




Unfortunately (fortunately?) this is what is left of Shea.









Below:  A frequent post-Mets stop nearby on Corona Ave.    A local Queens landmark that you would have seen in the opening sequence of the CBS sitcom 'The King of Queens'.   Also I just stumbled across to a reference that in the Paul Simon song " ... Goodbye Rosie, Queen of Corona. See you, me and Julio down by the schoolyard.", since Paul Simon was from Queens, he was alluding to this neighborhood, and possibly to this immediate area.

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