A walk from Staten Island to Jersey City via Bayonne Bridge  2005-06-20


This past weekend I went on an approximately 13 mile walk from Staten Island to Jersey City with a group dedicated to the preservation and development of waterfront/harbor access to the general public.   This included development of the north shore of Staten Island (note abandoned 1875 station at Snug Harbor Cultural Center below), Bayonne Bridge, and various portions of the New Jersey waterfront facing NYC.


You'll note the other photos of the Bayonne bridge (which has a walkway).    In the 6th photo is 'Dave the Bridge Man' who apparently has an interest in photographing bridges in the area from unusual perspectives (web site: http://www.davefrieder.com/).    In the second photo you'll note FDR's name inscribed while he was still governor of New York in the late 20's.













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