Saturday nite astronomical activity - "Manhattanhenge"   2009-06-01


Here's a rather fun and interesting Manhattan event that seems to have garnered increased media attention the past couple of years.   Like the special alignment of the sun at Stonehenge, at least for the solstices, there are specific days of the year when the sunrise and sunset are perfectly aligned with the 1811 street grid of midtown Manhattan.   Because this street grid is actually 30 degrees off of true north, south, west, and east, this phenomenon occurs at a fixed number of days before and after the solstices.    It occurs about May 30 and July 12 for the summer solstice at sunset facing west, and about November 30 and January 12 for the winter solstice at sunrise, facing east from the streets of Manhattan.



See these links for more information and for more of my photos ...





Right: A better picture from wikipedia ...



Left:  We stood on 56th St. between 5th and 6th Ave.    Perhaps with a better camera, light filters, etc. I could have done better, but this was the best I could do with a small camera facing the sun.


Another view on the left.   On the right, has nothing to do with Manhattanhenge but nearby we noticed this large spiderman in the Sony Building atrium on Madison Ave.




Also unrelated to Manattanhenge, but this was an interesting Smart Car Sandwich in Chinatown I photographed earlier in the afternoon.


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