Feast of the Giglio, Williamsburg   2009-07-12


 Here's a local street fair a bit different from typical New York City street fair.   In the rapidly gentrifying north Williamsburgh area bordering Greenpoint, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church has been running this annual feast since 1903.    The feast, which was started by immigrants from the Italian town of Nola, and features the raising and parading of the 'Giglio', a tall tower raised manually and paraded through the surrounding streets, much like was done in the old country.  


See this link for more information on the history of this ... http://www.olmcfeast.com/history/

More pictures of mine at ... http://www.kodakgallery.com/edp128128/main/090712_giglio_greenpoint


The tower (the giglio) is lifted manually, band and all.






The ceremony also includes a boat, also mounted on a platform with a live band, and also lifted manually.









Some trivia --- a short distance from this feast, at North 12 St is the Russian Orthodox Church which you might recall from a prior cultural activity.   This is the church that appears in the Seinfeld 'Latvian Orthodox' episode in the outside scenes.




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