Constitution Island across from West Point 2009-07-25


A recent Saturday visit upstate, near Cold Spring.   Constitution Island, actually more of a peninsula is directly across from the US Army Military Academy at West Point on the east side of the Hudson, but is also owned by the Army.


From Wikipedia ...  The island is best known for the Great Chain, a heavy chain that was placed by the Continental Army across the river from the island to the mainland of West Point, then a fort of the Continental Army. This chain, intended to prevent British naval vessels from navigating the river during the American Revolutionary War was in place from 1778 to 1782.


The island also had fortifications and an artillery battery to defend the Continental positions. The island was the home of the Warner family from 1836 to 1915, including sisters Susan Warner and Anna Bartlett Warner. The Warner sisters were noted religious writers and also led Bible studies for the West Point cadets.


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Also from Wikipedia, a small map depicting the chain.    Today's military academy is on the west side of the Hudson, while Constitution Island is on the east side, accessible from the town of Cold Spring.















A mock-up, this one made of wood links, depicting how the chain was laid across the Hudson.    As an interesting footnote, the historians that were present discussed how the chain was removed during the winter months, as, in that pre-global warming period, the Hudson froze over that far north.













On hand were US Army mules, the mascots of the army.    I was curious about how the lettering was made and one of the caretakers said they shave the fur, then create a stencil out with masking tape and apply store-bought blond hair dye.
















On the roof of one of the West Point buildings in the distance.







The Warner House and gardens, of which the oldest part of the house dated back to Revolutionary times, with the rest added in 1836 when Henry Warner bought the property.  






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