Mets 40th anniversary 1969 World Series Reunion   2009-08-23


As an appropriate follow-up to last weekend's trip to BOTH the 40th anniversary Woodstock concert and Cooperstown, this past Saturday nite at Citifield was a ceremony prior to the game honoring the 40th anniversary of the Mets victory in the World Series in October 1969.    Naturally the current day Mets lost 4-1 against the Phillies.    As a side note to Sunday afternoon's game, an unassisted triple play occurred (naturally, against the Mets), only the 15th such play in the 106 years.


Due to some camera difficulties (I took my camera for forgot the battery), my friend Andy took these photos.    Most are pictures of the screens, so as you can see a picture of a picture is a bit fuzzy.


Also of note are several members of that team that are deceased, most notably, Tommy Agee, Don Clendenon, Don Cardwell, and Tug McGraw.   Their widows were part of the ceremony.


Kim enjoying yet another baseball activity.   I am not so sure about the gentleman behind us.




Tom Seaver (who had a 25-7 record that year) gives a speech.   He is now age 65.



Cleon Jones (LF) and Bud Harrelson (SS) --- the latter of whom later managed the Mets.




Left to right -- Yogi Berra, Nolan Ryan, Jerry Grote (C), Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman (P), Duffy Dyer (C).

Yogi Berra was a Mets coach for some years and briefly managed the team in the 1970s.    Nolan Ryan started his 27 year career with the Mets and was traded for Jim Fregosi in 1973, who lasted with the Mets only 2 years.



Pitcher Jim McAndrew.



Yogi Berra and Duffy Dyer, who was the backup to Jerry Grote.



Cleon Jones (LF), who had a .340 average that year.



Ed Kranepool played for the Mets on and off for 18 seasons, including a portion of the first season in 1962 at the age of 17.



Jerry Koosman, who had a 17-9 record.



Third baseman Wayne Garrett.



Dr. Ron Taylor, a relief pitcher - who later quit baseball to go to medical school, and is currently the team doctor for the Toronto Blue Jays.











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