South Street Seaport Museum Galleries   2009-09-09



 Here's a place I pass all the time but have not been inside the galleries in several years.


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In the main galleries on Fulton Street, is an exhibit, 'FDR and the Sea'.   Not generally known was that President Roosevelt had an extensive collection of ship models, many of them in this exhibit on loan from the FDR Library in Hyde Park, NY.   The exhibit runs through the end of the year.





Here's the only photo I have since they were rather strict for some reason in this gallery.



Around the corner, on Front Street, are additional galleries.     Of note is an exhibit on ocean liners.


Here is the ship's wheel rescued from the SS Normandie, a French ship that caught fire and sunk on the west side of Manhattan in 1942.   If you read my emails and that sounds familiar, a mural from the very same ship was in one of my photos in July from the Carnegie Art Museum in Pittsburgh.



Back in the days of the Titanic, Cunard and White Star were competitors, but later merged into 'Cunard White Star'.   By the way, the current Chelsea piers at the end of West 23rd St. were the original White Star piers and that was where the Titanic was headed.



As air travel started to dominate the transatlantic ocean liners, here was some advertising trying to convince people to use both means of transit - fly one way, sail the other.



Also in this gallery was an exhibit about the 'Van Ryper Ship Model' company.    What this company did is create commercial models of all sorts of ships for military and merchant marine training purposes.






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