Philadelphia Phillies and Hagley Museum, Wilmington, Delaware  2006-05-30


So the first 2 days of the weekend took me (us) once again to Philadelphia, this time to see the relatively new stadium, Citizens Bank Park (my third out of town game in a month).   The old (circa 1970) Veterans Stadium is now the parking lot.    Yes, that is John Belushi from Animal House in the pep talk scene in the 9th inning as the Phillies trailed the Brewers 9 - 6.     Note the Phillie Phanatic and the Liberty Bell that lights up when a home run is hit by the Phillies.


Sunday took us to the Hagley Museum in Wilmington that is the site of the original DuPont family mansion and explosives mills where gunpowder and blasting powder was manufactured in the 19th century.


Still called the "E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company", it was founded in 1802 by Eleuthère Irénée DuPont, from the town of Nemours, France.   Pictured is the mansion and factory, along with the barrel manufacturing (cooper).


I'm not clear what connection this has to the DuPont family or company, but in the main museum building of all things was an art exhibit on the history of the World's Fairs, featuring the New York City 1964-65, 1939-40, and 1853 fairs.    The 1853 fair featured the Crystal Palace which stood on the site of the current main library on 5th Ave. and 42nd St.    The other 2 of course were in Flushing Meadow Park.


















1939: Dupont Cellophane and Silk Stockings - 1939 logo and 1853 Crystal Palace.





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