Why the Bronx is The Bronxand not just Bronx 2006-06-12


Supposedly this came about since in conversation, "The Bronx River", which runs from Westchester down to the south Bronx, got corrupted and shortened into "The Bronx" to denote the land. Another theory was regarding one of the original families in the 17 century, headed by Jonas Bronck. In conversation you might say "I'm going to visit 'the Broncks' family", and that this got corrupted and shorted.




Below are photos of ...


         'The Bronx' River as it goes through Bronx Park.

         Mill building that was originally part of the Lorillard family estate (yes, the tobacco family).

         Jerome Park reservoir, and Lehman College, was originally a site of the 'Jerome Park Race Track', where the first Belmont Stakes were run in 1867. The current Belmont track, opened in 1905.

         this Lehman College bulding , still part of Hunter college in the 1940's was the sight of the first United Nations meeting in 1946.

         east of current reservoir were large tracts of land partially excavated for an extension of the reservoir but was never finished. Part of this land became the Lehman campus (note the depression in the field), and another section became a subway yard.

         if you ever wondered what a tunnel vacuum train looked like

         further east was another race track, Morris Park Race track, roughly around Pelham Parkway in the the Morris Park neighborhood east of the zoo. Note abandoned railroad station along the New Haven Line.

         stations along the Dyre Avenue subway(5 train) have an interesting history. They were originally part of a railroad (New York Westchester and Boston) that was planned to go as far as Boston, but went only as far as Westchester county. When this railroad went bankrupt in the 1930's, the City of New York took the section over between 180th St. and Dyre Ave. and converted it to a subway line.











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