Pierpont Morgan Library 2006-08-14


Earlier this year the Pierpont Morgan Library reopened after an extensive renovation and expansion at Madison and 36th. The 3 buildings that comprise the original Morgan complex were his brownstone residence (4th and 5th pictures below) and 2 library buildings, of which the Rotunda is the bottommost photo.


Pierpoint Morgan was JP Morgan's father. He accumulated one of the largest collections of historic manuscripts, books, and printed material in the world. Pictured below (copied from the website as they are very strict about photos in the museum) are:


         notes from Galileo observing the moons of Jupiter when looking through his telescope in the early 17th century

         a Gutenberg Bible from the 15th century

         historic Tarot cards - card suits had different names, things like Swords, Cups, Coins, etc - this was the 'Queen of Swords'








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