Branford Electric Railway Museum   2006-11-06


In East Haven, CT, a few miles from the Yale campus in New Haven is a museum that I have been a member of for some years.    It is a museum that is dedicated to the preservation of electrically operated trains, being mostly streetcars/trolleys with some subway and other heavy rail equipment.


I was at the museum on Saturday where some of the collection that operated in New York City was on display and in operation.  The museum's web site is





In particular, this streetcar, PCC Streetcar 1001, was the first (built 1936) of many thousands of this streamlined version of streetcars that are actually still in use today in some places.    They were in used in Newark until about 2001.   This particular one ran in Brooklyn from 1936 to 1956 and came to this museum shortly afterwards.    It has been in the museum for 50 years and just recently was restored.








Some additional information: Chronology of Brooklyn Streetcar 1001 2006-11-06


So here's a little more information about this particular streetcar, newly restored by the musuem (




At the museum in 1968 and then in 1980 in the same car:





2 photos of the actual streetcar in service, sometime between the early 1950's and the end of service in 1956.



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